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I like to do many things. I like going to sporting events, even though I may not sometimes understand the game that well (depending on the sport). I also like the theatre once in a while. I am told that I'm an intelligent person. I love to have fun, but also know that there is more to life and relationships than fun. The things that I really strive for are to have a loving husband that I can raise a family of at least two kids with. That may not sound like a whole lot to some people, but I know that its what I want to accomplish in my time on Earth.

Likes: Confidence in yourself is a great thing. More butch mannerisms are best. My perfect guy would like to be spontaneous, and show me new things that I haven't done in the past.

Turn-offs: Dishonesty is a huge turn off. If I find a person to be this way, I leave. Other than that, I am not a fan of overly femminine men. Not too much turns me off, but pretty much I need honesty, honesty, honesty.

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