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I'm a kid at heart (a kid at heart who loves movies to be exact). I'm one of those people who'll make you smile, make you laugh, and make you understand crazy (or simply become more confused). Shy at first, I may be, but get to know me and then you'll see I'm just an old-fashioned gal whose typewriter is her best friend and her briefcase her second mate and simply full of surprises one would have never have thought.

Likes: Public displays of affection, eyes, cuddling, opinionated girls, and the little things in life

Turn-offs: Discouragement, self-pitying, hypocrites, selfish women, smokers, drugs, ignorance, and close-mindedness



accents, alfred hitchcock, animation, anything but the norm, being lost in thought, chow chows, comic books, cultures, designing & making address labels, getting lost, honesty, listening to NPR for hours on end, imagination, languages, lemonade, lightning, movies, people watching, piglets, puzzles (but not those crosswords and word searches crap), rain, snail mail, stamps, thunderstorms, unicorns, violins, wandering libraries, watching rain fall, writing

Favorite movies

Aimee and Jaguar, All About Eve, A Time to Kill, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins (what, I'm a comic geek), Be Real, Boondock Saints, Boys Don't Cry, Casablanca, Children of Men, Closer, Crash, Evita, Fight Club, Fingersmith, High Art, High Noon, In America, Inlaws and Outlaws, Invader Zim, Maria Full of Grace, Pan's Labyrinth, Rear Window, Paper moon, Schindler’s List, Speak, Sleeping Beauty (yes, the cartoon version), The Color Purple, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Royal Tenenbaums, To Catch a Thief, Todo Sobre Mi Madre, To Kill a Mockingbird, Walk the Line, 3 Needles

Favorite music

Lots n Lots

Favorite food

Fruits and Veggies...and Rachel's Yogurt

Favorite TV shows

The “L" Word, Chuck, ER, House, Grey's Anatomy (pretty much anything medical)

Connections (3)

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