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I currently work in Healthcare as well as manage my own photography business. I will be attending grad school beginning in 2010 to obtain my Masters Degree in Business Administration. I also volunteer once a week at my local hospital helping those who are less fortunate than myself.

I am a fun loving, laid-back kind of guy. I like to do almost anything, I am very open minded. I can be affectionate, loving, caring, kind, generous, and honest. I respect everyone equaly and expect the same treatment from others. I am also proud my my haritage which is a combination of French, German, English and African American.

My friends are important to me, because friends are a great resource and support system.

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Movies, Fun, Malls, Shopping, Computers, Friends, Margaret Cho, Hiking, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Just Being Outdoors, Hanging Out, etc...

Favorite movies

Memoirs of a Geisha, & many more...

Favorite music

All Kinds... Whatever sounds good... I have over 2100 songs to choose from im my collection. I have things from Classical, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Indie, R&B, Dance, Electronic, Techno, Contemporary, Piano, Gospel, Soundtracks, Rave, Country, Latin, Holiday, Alternative, Funk, Easy Listening, World, Jazz, Blues, Instrumental, New Age, A&F Soundtracks, Reggae, House, Club, Soul, Folk, Ska, Euro-tech, and much more...

Favorite TV shows

Grey's Anatomy, Planet Earth, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, Everwood, Will & Grace, Futurama, Family Guy, Ugly Betty, The Office, Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice, The Soup, Chelsea Lately, Weeds, Modern Family, Community, Glee

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