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I like to approach life from the point of view of what would make the most interesting memoir fodder, so there's that. It would be great to meet a cool, smart guy to help me further develop said memoir fodder. I made a lot of positive changes in my life over the past year (i.e. moving to Chicago, getting off of my ass and shooting a movie instead of just talking about it, etc) and I am super happy about where I am at, although also super busy. I love living in the city and exploring all of the great opportunities it affords, especially live music venues, exciting eateries, neighborhood dive bars, excellent people watching with coffee, and hanging out by the lake.

Likes: Anybody who finds the suggested questions for book discussion in the back of novels as sad and entertaining as I do. People who are passionate about something, be it their creative outlets, their politics, or life more generally. Great conversationalists.

Turn-offs: Stupidity, ignorance, apathy, poor personal hygiene.

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