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I'm one those people who is happy in just about every avenue of life. Family, friends, work, etc. That is every facet but love. I've dated here and there but haven't really clicked with the right person. Chemisty just sometimes isn't there. And that goes beyond the physical. Isn't that why most of us are on this site? (Well some of us). Not really looking for a quick hook up, just someone that wants what I want. Not sure that asking too much, is it?

Likes: Great sense of humor and sharp wit, someone that can make fun of themself. A guy who is comfortable in his own skin. Physically I like guys who keep in shape, by no means does that mean gym rats. Sometimes a little extra "padding" looks hot on a guy! Always been a leg guy too. Bottom line, I prefer masculine men.

Turn-offs: Probably someone that is really into the Halsted scene. Perhaps a sign of my age, but It's just so totally unfulfilling these days. Don't get me wrong, I still go out and grab a drink, meet friends, or play a game of pool, just not like I used to. I feel as though lot of gay men feel the need to do the "scene" and then gradually get it out of their system. Since I pride myself on being a nice guy and a loyal friend, superficial people really bug the hell out of me. Just be yourself!

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