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im 100% Brazilian from Rio, still have my accent after 8 years living in chicago. I love just about anything as long as I'm with the right person. I especially love sports, i like almost all types of music. Im an easy going laid back person up for anything. I'm also a hopeless romantic, and love spending time with the ones I love, I can be really goofy i just like to make people around me happy :) I love the lake, im always taking a jog around the beautiful lake.. Gotta love Chicago.. Ive learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures never replace having been there, memories good or bad will always bring tears, and words can never replace those feelings... ~ and nothing hurts more than realizing someone meant everything to you, when you meant nothing to them...

Likes: caring and considerate, easygoing would be a big plus. i dont want to get to know only one side of you and find out something completely opposite down the road. Someone i can talk to anytime i want anything i want.. someone that knows what she wants.. and its not afraid to be herself

Turn-offs: Liars, fake girls..someone that will make you feel bad about yourself.. someone that dont listen to you and everything gotta be on her way.. trust me been in a relationship like that and thats a totally turn off.

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