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**The Pict---That is me fixing my shoe before standing up for my best (guy)friend at his wedding about a year and a half ago.** Having worked as a bilingual teaching asst in the NW Burbs for 2 1/2 years, I have recently gone gone back to college and am pursuing my certification as a bonafied bilingual teacher. Music and theatre are my passion (aside from working with people). Even in my car you will see me singing my heart out to my Tori Amos CD's (or 101.9/The Mix). Food is another of my guilty pleasures. But no boring burgers n' fries for this gal--savoury, spicy, zesty ethnic cuisines are what I crave. This grrl is also very real--I don't play games. What you see is what you get.......well for the most part;) a grrl's got to have a little shroud of mystery;)

Likes: Good conversationalists who don't mind theatre, music, and the arts. Creativity will also go far with me. Someone who is considerate, thoughtful, and insightful. A sense of humour is very charming, as well. Also, a person who can notice the details in life, besides the big picture. I would love someone to sit, walk, or bike outside with me and simply watch and appreciate life as it goes on around us.

Turn-offs: People who aren't true to themselves or others. Anyone who does not have consideration for others, their environment, and/ or the feelings of others. (Can you tell I work in education ;P )

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