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I am warm, genuine and honest. I've been through this and that, and to have survived like i did must make me pretty strong. I've never hurt anyone intentionally, and am completely trust worthy. I'm a comfort friend. I like the party scene, but the people in my life like me there because i give great console, hugs and cuddling, a safe place to go to. I'm fantastic to just stay in with, or go explore with. I always have an open ear, and god damn, i am so nice. Some think I'm quiet to an extreme, but by no means blank. I'm still trying to figure out who I am, but I'm looking for someone who will inspire to figure it out. Besides, either way I'll change over time, , , i guess my new years resolution is just to always enjoy the ups and downs and try things out.

Likes: Warmth, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and most of all honesty. I've been attatched to some pretty fucked up people, it didnt scare me away, it just made me find them more interesting. I'm extremely open and love to share but that only comes out in me when the other person displays it as well. I like confidence, smiles, and most of all bravery. I look forward to that time when silence is no longer uncomfy and I'm definately a LTR oriented person.

Turn-offs: Arrogance, rudeness, liars (and i know), and addicts. It's really hard to make me not like you

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