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February 10, 2012

Chappell Confidential :
We Started Off Classy, but...


We Started Off Classy, but...
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Lately, I've been asking people from my parents to friends, random party guests, hell even that cutie at my gym (perfect excuse to spark up a convo) when did they start to feel like an adult. Like, I know I'm an adult. I graduated from college. I moved out of my parent's home. I make a living doing what I love. However, I still feel like a kid; and I think I always will feel like one. So, here's to never growing up and being a kid all across this city!

We Started Off Classy, but...
Chicago has a new show in town. is a streaming internet show that will offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the city's most well-attended galas, events, parties, openings, and other nightlife and entertainment fixtures. With several shows including Candid Candace Chicago, 4*4 with David Martin, dish IT! With Amanda Puck, Chefs in the Kitchen, and a few others the web show is the brainchild of president Robert Mills. During the launch party at the James Hotel, Mills and the team all expressed their excitement about the new, interactive show and to invite Chicagoans behind the velvet rope, into a top chef's kitchen, or out for dinner at the city's newest restaurant. Host Candace Jordan of Candid Candace Chicago, one of the site's shows that will welcome viewers inside charity galas, cocktail parties, premieres, and other who's who events was happy to join the team and bring her society blog, Candid Candace, even more to life.

"This is a first for Chicago. This is truly the first of its kind for this city. We have several shows that has something for everybody," said Jordan.

As a member of the Joffrey Auxiliary Board, I was absolutely elated to support my board and attend Pointe of Departure. I missed this event last year, so I made it a point in coming this year! Venue Six10 at the Spertus Institute hosted the Joffrey's new, annual art exhibition. The evening featured a live DJ set by DJ Sadie Woods of White Label (LOVE HER; we first met on a very over served night at Vertigo Sky Lounge and loved her since!), original art pieces from local artists, and of course my second favorite part of any event next to the food, an after party at J Bar. The event's host committee and event chairs Diane Crary and Andrew Caravel all did a fantastic job of planning an evening that raised a glass to local art, its artists, and above all supporting the Joffrey. Host committee member and JAB member Amanda Maloka was excited to welcome guests to an evening of art and fun.

"The Spertus Institute was the perfect setting for the amazing pieces on display at Pointe of Departure! Even being on the host committee and seeing proposals beforehand, I was still blown away by the final original pieces that were provided for the guests to view and purchase. Good drinks, good eats, great art, and a chic crowd made it an overall great event- and the after party at JBar was the icing on the cake," said Maloka.

We Started Off Classy, but...
I'm so happy to be legal now; it was great celebrating my 21st birthday party. Okay…. Maybe not 21st seeing that I'm about seven years removed from 21 – thank the heavens, 27 is so much more fun! My close friends and family all came out to help me celebrate a year younger and a year wiser with a brunch party in the Black Sea Room of the Radisson Blue Hotel in Aqua. It goes without saying that I felt blessed not to mention incredibly lucky to have all my favorite people in one room. However, I was even more taken back that everyone was able to clean off Saturday night, wake up, and toast me on another year of antics, laughter, and good times. Brunch cocktails were courtesy of St. Germain, which I think helped my friends and family shake off impending hang-overs from Saturday night, ?. To the backdrop of my favorite John Hughes movie streaming in the background, The Breakfast Club, it was great to see my friend making new friends with each other. However, I do have to say that for a brunch party, we continued through the afternoon, the evening, and actually the next morning. What can I say? We started off classy…but…and I'll leave it at that!

Until next update, let's all put adult things away and just be a kid again, even it is for the weekend!

Hi Terrence! It was soooo great seeing you at the Watch312 Launch! And thanks so much for this great write-up! But more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! XXOX CJ
Posted by Candace Jordan on Fri, 2/10/2012 3:32 PM
Thanks Candace! Congrats on the launch - looking forward to seeing more shows from you! And thanks!
Posted by CPTerrence on Sat, 2/11/2012 12:51 PM
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