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December 28, 2011

Chappell Confidential :
Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays


Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
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Tis the holiday season for spiked eggnog drinks, sneaking under the mistletoe with that special someone, and as EFFEN Vodka's Digital Community Manager, jet setting to NYC to toast fashion designer Zac Posen on another successful year of new business ventures, creative license, and above all style.

Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
Zac Posen hosted a holiday party that welcomed guests to an evening of custom-made EFFEN cocktails, EFFEN Cucumber Basil Temptress and EFFEN Savory, the live retro sounds of DJ Louie XIV, and swan-shaped pastries from Studio all to the backdrop of the bohemian chic ambience of Mr. H – attached to the Mondrian Hotel in Soho.

Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
With an impressive, A-list clientele that includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Naomi Campbell, and a select number of other big names, Zac Posen is known for his evening gowns and most recently his newest brand Z Spoke. Described as "playful" and "sweet" by Vogue magazine, Z Spoke takes a lighter and girly approach to style and fashion. Essence magazine fashion contributor and founder of Joy Adaeze was a special guest at the holiday party and was excited to celebrate with Zac Posen on another year of successful style.

Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
"It was a fabulous event. I've always looked up to Zac Posen as a designer. I love his style and his runway shows. Overall, the ambience of the party was great. People were dancing, socializing and just having a good time; successful holiday party and of course fashionable," said Adaeze.

Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
Scoop NYC and Zac Posen's CEO Susan Davidson thanked everyone for coming out to support the brand and went on to share that "we are all here because of the support of all of you." Zac Posen's father, Stephen Posen, a photographer and artist as well, made his rounds around the party with his camera in hand. As a fellow artist Stephen Posen is proud of both the social and creative success of his son's fashion endeavors as it relates to business and artist growth.

Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
"Our whole family is involved in creativity in some capacity. Besides Zac, his sister Alexandra is a painter and her husband a sculptor. As a family we talk about art, culture, and politics. Regarding Zac specifically, I am interested in the place where art can meet fashion, and I believe Zac has the capability of bridging both worlds," said Stephen Posen.

Zac Posen Celebrates The Holidays
The holiday celebration continued throughout the night with guests taking it back old school with DJ Louie XIV's 80s faves and a grand cheers over EFFEN cocktails for one of fashion industry's newest, cutting-edge imports, Zac Posen.

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