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November 10, 2011

Nunn on the Run:
Hawaii or Bust


Hawaii or Bust
With direct flights from Chicago and temperatures dropping this could be a good time to head to Hawaii.
I stayed at the Modern Honolulu for the first ever Wine & Food Festival. The nightlife scene is in walking distance making it convenient and fun to explore.

Hawaii or Bust
First stop was Hula's Bar & Lei Stand, 134 Kapahulu #2. The number two stands for upstairs at a shopping center. The place is warm and inviting. Everyone drinks mai tai's on the island but look for specialty cocktails such as the High School Harry Bloody Mary.
There is a pool table and go go boys to appease all types. A live male hula show was fun and they celebrated a birthday while I was there. The age range was all over the place and is a super space to bring a straight friend where they will feel comfortable as well.

Hawaii or Bust
Karoake is extremely popular in Honolulu. The new kid in town is Wang Chung's at 2410 Koa Avenue. With the friendliest staff I have encountered and lychee infused vodka this is a no brainer. The space is very small so not much room for dancing. Look for a bootie in the face if you are sitting on a bench. When the bartenders are cute and can sing everybody was having that night!

Hawaii or Bust
In the heart of the bustling straight bars there is Fusion Waikiki at 2260 Kuhio Avenue upstairs. When I saw prostitute looking drag queens wandering in and out the door this should have been a sign to head for the hills. The whale that took my ten dollars at the door was rude and sour. The early show had a broke down hostess. The strippers were not hot and bachelorettes had taken over the place. Later the place turns into a dance club but it was too late. I will take my chances with the drunken tourists outside instead.

Hawaii or Bust
If you are looking for a quick hook up Grind R and Manhunt created a fast way to make friends the island. Catch the wave and let your fingers do the walking. Also, Max's Gym is a good place to work out as well as enjoy a sauna. Located inside a strip mall this gentleman's club can be a little tricky to find for your trick.
Overall the natives were very friendly and welcoming. Gay friendliness was everywhere and there is lots to see and do in Honolulu for the LGBT traveler.

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