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October 29, 2011

Re-Mount of "FRAT" Expertly Examines Brotherhood


Re-Mount of
Reviewed By: Zachary Justus For

The New Colony's remount of there 2009 success "Frat" by Evan Linder, takes the audience members back to freshmen year with a laugh-inducing script that also manages to shed light on the horrors that come with "brotherhood." Staged in a venue that makes the audience feel they are at a frat house, the audience move with the actors around the venue as the scenes change. This inventive staging enhances parts of the show and takes away from others as you are not always guaranteed to see the action erupting in each scene. That being said, Evan Linder has done a fantastic job examining the rules of brotherhood and the sometimes demeaning rituals of hazing. Through the comedy, there is always an underlying feel that something at any moment could go terribly wrong.

The ensemble of young actors is furiously talented including the charming Caitlin Chuckta, who plays Katie, the protagonist's stream of conscious. Alexander Lane and Benno Nelson also give stellar performances and have a good grasp on the balance of comedy and horror that lives within' the script. The ensemble of young actors showcases Chicago's promising talent at its best.

"Frat" is a great example of an original Chicago-style show at its best. It takes its audience on a rollercoaster ride of laughter while still having heart and frailty. Evan Linder has created a world both delicate and harrowing at the same time and has brought it to life with some of the best young talent Chicago has to offer.

"Frat" only has 4 more performances on November 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th at The Apartment Lounge 2251 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago. For tickets please call 773-404-7336. For more information on The New Colony please visit there website at

Reviewed By: Zachary Justus For

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