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January 30, 2013

Geek On:
Pull-List for 01/30/13


Pull-List for 01/30/13
I'm a little light on books this week, so I'll start this column by declaring that the first Geeks OUT event in Chicago was a huge success! You can check out the event photos (courtesy of A/S/L Media) here. It was a great start to building a gay geek community here in Chicago and I look forward to many more. I've also reread last week's launch of Young Avengers more times then I care to admit. Also, did you SEE the cover for X-Treme X-Men 9 ?!

Anyway, onto the books:

Pull-List for 01/30/13
Angel and Faith #19 $2.99
(W) Christos N. Gage (A) Rebekah Isaacs (CA) Dan Jackson, Steve Morris

A demon from Giles's past is turning innocent Slayers into zombies. Angel and Faith must rally the remaining Slayers if there is any chance to defeat this cunning demon!

Pull-List for 01/30/13
Avengers #4 $3.99
(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Jerome Opena (CA) Dustin Weaver

'THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF MAJOR TITANS' The Secret Origin of Hyperion. The Legacy of the Garden unfolds in the Savage Land.

Pull-List for 01/30/13
Hawkeye #7
(W) Matt Fraction (A) David Aja

Cherry's got a gun. And she looks good in it. Hawkeye gets distracted. Just like you are right now.

Pull-List for 01/30/13
X-Men Legacy #5 vol 2 $2.99
(W) Simon Spurrier (A) Jorge Molina (CA) Mike Del Mundo

LEGION vs. THE X-MEN! Two new villains begin plotting Legion's demise. And little does he know, one of them is lurking within his own psyche, and the other is now hiding amongst the X-Men themselves...

Pull-List for 01/30/13
X-Treme X-men #9 vol 2 $2.99
(W) Greg Pak (A) Paco Diaz (CA) Kalman Androsofsky

The X-Treme X-Men find they can't shake their new X-Force teammates! Will Dazzler be able to take back control of the team? Also, Howlett versus Hercules!


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