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December 28, 2012

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Kam: The Long-Lost Lesbian Kardashian Sister


Kam: The Long-Lost Lesbian Kardashian Sister
Chicago-based actor/producer Fawzia Mirza & filmmaker Ryan Logan present KAM KARDASHIAN , a web series about the long-lost lesbian sister of the very famous family. They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the series.

The first season of KAM KARDASHIAN consisted of 4 episodes freely available on YouTube, and is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for a second season of eight 4-minute episodes. Bi-weekly mini-episodes will deliver Kam weekly from Valentine's Day to Cinco De Mayo in 2013 and feature a range of talented, funny, Chicago actors and improvisers.

"Why couldn't there be a gay Kardashian?" says Mirza who first performed the character at an audition. "The series is, ultimately, a comedy, but Kam is real, grounded, not a caricature," says Mirza "She's funny, but she's also someone living without a family so she makes her own; a lot of people can relate to that."

Mirza & Logan have worked together on other projects including the award-winning short film, The Queen of My Dreams, about Bollywood cinema, drag and identity, which has been touring festivals since March 2012. They've been working exclusively with local Chicago cinematographer Amanda Clifford.

Kam: The Long-Lost Lesbian Kardashian Sister
Ryan Logan, the director and editor of the series explains the writing process, "There is so much Kardashian material to mine from. If someone is not pregnant or getting a divorce, there's always a new sex tape or a perfectly caculated nip slip."

You can donate to the Kickstarter campaign until January 10, 2013 and watch season 1 on YouTube. Keep up with Kam on Facebook and Twitter

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