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April 29, 2012

Nunn on the Run:
Ross and the Red Dress


Ross and the Red Dress
The Red Dress party wore me out last Saturday. The fundraiser has been nationally celebrated for years ever since a couple started it promising to wear a red dress at each other's funerals after contracting HIV.
Not being much of a drag queen I decided to sport a red nun's habit. A good friend sewed it up and it really turned out wonderful. Here I am with The Voice's Beverly McClellen who I had interviewed for Windy City Times.

Ross and the Red Dress
AIDS has affected so many of our community and I was glad to help out whether it was promoting a fundraiser or waiting tables for Dining Out For Life at Andies Restaurant this past Thursday night.
It is so important that after 30 years without a real cure we take care of ourselves and others with the knowledge we are given. When I told my mother that I was gay in 1993 she believed I would contract AIDS immediately. I am very lucky to be negative after all these years but that is no excuse for not doing my part for victims of the disease.

Ross and the Red Dress
I went to Simon Callow's Being Shakespeare show at the Broadway Playhouse. This history of the bard may not be for everyone but to watch this theatre master work is something to behold. People will recognize this openly gay thespian from Four Weddings and a Funeral (he was the funeral) and Shakespeare in Love.
What a treat to see him backstage, excuse me, I know you are still getting dressed but let's take a picture!

Ross and the Red Dress
Kat DeLuna performed at Roscoe's Tavern for their 25th Silver Anniversary Party. She was so sweet at our interview after sound check. I then jetted off to Diana Ross' concert at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana. I arrived just in time as the lights went down for her to begin a set that was the most positive and happy concert I have attended all year! I couldn't stop smiling. I thanked her for putting on an amazing show backstage afterwards and Miss Ross said "You are welcome!" That was a great moment and not one that I will soon forget...

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I too attended the Diana Ross concert in Hammond at the Horseshoe Venue.It was amazing from start to finish. It took me back to the days of Motown.
Posted by Rose Echols on Mon, 5/7/2012 10:20 AM
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