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Yoshi's Cafe

3257 N Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 248-6160
Fax: (773) 248-1860

Website reviews  

Yoshi's great! The staff is so friendly and precessional. My favorite meal is the waygu burger with fries with the grilled white nectarine salad and tuna... - Frankie F. via Yelp

A friend recommended that we come here. It's a cute little place on the corner of the streets. We sat outside on the patio. They brought out bread with... - Christina C. via Yelp

Went here for a date before a night out- service was good. Ambiance was average- but that clearly isn't the point of this place. Our food was fantastic- we... - Grant M. via Yelp
Wonderful food and service. A Boystown treasure; right near the end of the strip on Halsted. This is one of my most favorite restaurant's in the world! - Tibble
Love Yoshi's! This is my boyfriend's favorite restaurant - the boi has good taste!! Excellent tuna tartar and oyster shooters, wonderful wagyu beef, excellent sea bass and foie-truffled eggs if you're lucky!
And Yoshi and Nabuko are super sweet as well :) - Kawaiicat7
We were quite shocked when getting the paper menu and finding meals ranging over twenty bux... I guess the chandeliars were sposed to upscale the patio... The food was aweful and especially paying 16.95 for a Panini... and 18.95 for a burger (what the F???)Partner said the burger wasn't too bad but overall it was no better than a high end greasy spoon... the service was pretty slow, no refills on drinks, etc. It was a first time but after sharing the experience w/ several friends they seemed to agree that once was enough... - Antonego
Yoshi’s was not what I thought it would be. I think that I assumed it would be Asian because of the name, but it was more Asian infused American.

In addition to the super tasty food, they had one hell of a good wine list!
I met Yoshi during the taste of Halsted. He was very nice and clearly gives back to the neighborhood. That was all I needed to try out his food. It was sumptuous! - ToBeOrNotToBe
I will have no problem coming back to Yoshi's! There food was terrific! - OldIsOkay
What a great place to dine! You really wouldn't expect this type of restaurant in the middle of boystown. Don't let the name fool you, it's more American/French food. - Stripes
My favorite dining destination in Boystown. Yoshi's offers all of the comforts of an upscale establishment without the scene. The emphasis is on the food not the people who are eating it. Try the wagyu burger. A steal if you see what other restaurants are charging for this style of meat. - surferinchig
I've heard over and over that Yoshi's looks like a Denny's on the inside. I'm sorry, but I've never been inside such a nice Denny's, especially one with awesome food such as Yoshi's. People can argue that, yes, the decor is a lil' outdated but personally I didn't come to gawk at the surroundings but the food. Yoshi's is no exception. From flawlessly prepared martinins, shaken table side to the awesomely executed entrees, such as the simple yet great roast chicken. YUMM in every sense of the word. - surferinchig
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