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6412 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60626

(773) 465-7400
Fax: (773) 465-8856

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Touche is Chicago's quintessential gay Levi \u0026 leather bar. The men who frequent this place are "bear/leather" types of dude: masculinity is dripping from... - Doug S. via Yelp

Gay men come to this bar to have sex. Not necessarily at the bar, but not necessarily not at the bar. If that sort of thing makes you squeamish, stay out of... - John B. via Yelp

I OBJECT! Cheap draft beer on certain days, good dark bar thats close to my place. But I went there one night with my gay boy and as we PAID to get in -... - Amber W. via Yelp
I luv it! that steel cage has my attnetion everytime i go there, im going to crawl in it one of these nites to see what happens. I was warned a couple times that i will get locked in if i do. The bar tender on wek nites is great, the week end guy was ok, but he was to busy to chat. Dark dirty cheap atspohere is a major turn on. - ItsTooFun
Hot!!! The place smelled a little funky, but as soon as i got to the back room, i understood why. With all the hot sweaty boys up in my grill, i wished i had brought my leather whip. There's always next time ;) - gayluvrxs
Friendly Staff
Friendly Crowd
Notorious Backroom - TimH
I've only been there on Bear Night, the 1st sat of the month. but it was hot.. lots of muscle beefy hairy men.. wooof. friendly crowd. - VersTopJoliet
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