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The Closet Chicago

3325 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 477-8533

Established in 1978 by two women, The Closet is a fun neighborhood bar. A mix of gay boys, straights and lesbians, this bar packs in the late night crowd. Open until 4am Sunday-Friday/5am on Saturdays. No cover.
Hours   2pm - 4am monday - friday; noon - 5am saturday; noon - 4am sunday
Tags   gay/lesbian, video, mostly female
Amenities   atm, dart boards, full bar, mostly women, neighborhood, pop music, video
Sundays   free darts, $5 jose margaritas   Tuesdays   $3 well, trivia tuesdays   Wednesdays   $5 all fruit cocktails   Thursdays   karaoke with creagh at 9:30 p.m., $5 long islands   Fridays   $5 jose margaritas   Saturdays   $5 jose margaritas  
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Suffocating. Too crowded. - athleticmatt
Those Lesbians know how to have a great time and pour one stiff drink! - DaugDawg
Go Closet!!! - cgnews
I was a regular during the 70's. LOVED THE PLACE!! Does Rosie still own the place? Is ole Wally still around?? Who gets these reviews? Write me at: I would love to catch up on everyone. I'm in Texas! - cgnews
I love the staff! They are really nice and try hard to keep the Lesbian clientele happy. However, its obvious that its getting harder to do so. My main concern is that the last few times I was in Closet there were tons of straight couples and groups of straight girls. Why cant we have JUST ONE bar in Lakeview to go to??..I dont get it. Straighty's! Go someplace else - quit staring at us like we are on display for your messed up amusement! Its really annoying. - ubberlipstick
The review made on 4/25/05 was not for the girl on the right but for the girl on the left. Beautiful smile...:) - archigirl24
I love this bar! It is nice and cozy, just right. Love that girl on the 2nd and fourth pic (the one on the left) she is beautiful. Hope to see her there next time! - archigirl24
Actually my review is for the girl in the second and fourth pictures above (the one on the right)! She is soooo BEAUTIFUL. I have seen her at T's bar before. WOW. What a Gorgeous Woman. - archigirl24
This was my coming out bar, I loved it then and 23 years later is still one of my favorites....great job! - vivemehoy
its a very friendly place you can just go and sit and just feel so welcomed and comfortable u can just talk to any one and not be shy cause we're all friendly people i love that bar!!!! - Diana
It's a great place to meet people. It's a place you can go by yourself and not feel alone. - SportserMaz
Favorite local bar. Warning Friday and Saturday its 50% Male and 50% Female. Bartenders provide excellent service. - sandra7791
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