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Bally Total Fitness (Century City)

2828 North Clark Street
Century City
Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 929-6900

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What's up with all the one star reviews? It's cheap. This is a cheap gym. What do the one-star reviewers expect here? Jeeves bringing you a towel freshly... - Lucas P. via Yelp
Mix of gay and straight. Not bad club--offers a nice enough weight floor and a pool. Kind of far from boystown. Affordable, but showers/sauna can be sketchy.. - athleticmatt
I feel comfortable going to this location, especially after they did away with the TMA children's program. It's well-kept and the staff is friendly without seeming like they want you to buy personal training packages.

My only issue is with what channels are playing on the monitors. There are times where all three stations are sports stations. - Spankz
Cheap and convenient. The location is nice, upstairs with a decent view. Good for motivation. Since it's near boystown there is plenty of eye-candy! - RyanOH
I had a Bally membership, and out of the blue they sold it to Crunch Fitness. Crunch is too far away for me and is not a viable option when I am not in the Chicago area. What a crap organization.I had paid my membership fees for years, even after joining another gym, using my Bally's membership for when I travel. Check out The Bally's Sucks Website for more horror stories. - cdteach3
As a visitor (and a cheap one at that) I often stay at the Days Inn which offers free membership at Bally's for its guests. I cant say enough about the great facilities and friendly staff at this place. The gym is clean, never seems crowded and I am always able to get a good workout here. One of the best! - kalikomua
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