Tue. November 9, 2010


Recently I was watching a standup comedian that said something, not extremely, but quite profound in my standards. She was discussing bigots and racial slurs, when she mentioned something: the treatment of the Big “N”. In her discussion, she told a story of a small town cafe, one of which I’m very accustom to, where a table of black persons sat across from a table of white persons, very typical of Rural United States. A gentleman from the “black” table had accidentally done something to upset a gentleman from the “white” table, which resulted in an angry slur involving the Big “N”. Now, after the incident had happened, this comedian confronted the gentleman who had used the taboo word, to which he replied “They use it.” Now, this is the epitome of racism. One of two things point out the deep running racism in this person. For one thing, he negatively classified ‘them’ into a group. Above that, he misses the key point that would validate the use of such a word: the manner in which it is used. When used as an angry slur, this term becomes extremely racist and discriminatory, as well as any other term such as chink, fag, beanie, bitch, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, using certain words are generally going to get you in trouble no matter what manner you use them in if your the ‘wrong’ person, but only because there is so much underlying hatred and discrimination throughout all social groups in this country. Every social group is guilty of discrimination. Every social group has their own agenda. There is where I find a problem. I know for a fact that the Gay community has a very strong agenda, which is not an issue. The issue is when we ignore the agendas of each other group. I’ve noticed that its a serious issue in our country when each group attempts to make the rules to fit all the others into. Let me tell you something, square pegs don’t fit into round holes. The black community culturally won’t work in a chinese school system. The chinese traditions would be destroyed by a country lead by the Hispanic agenda. The Hispanic family structure wouldn’t last the gay agenda. The gay community isn’t going to be able to live efficiently in a conservative heterosexual society. And so on, its a vicious cycle when we all think of ourselves and don’t consider inclusion. We need to see past any pre-conceived notions and allow other agendas than our own to punctuate our legislature (as long as they don’t condemn another). We need to see the world in prisma colour rainbow. And (as I’ve just demonstrated), still bring your own culture with you, diversity is an amazing thing to show off, and our country has a lot of it, we just don’t always deal with it in the best way. 

Mon. November 1, 2010


“I would have pegged you as a Halsted underwear boy.” But then you would be wrong. Nothing against them, because we all love them dearly, but I am not a part of their crowd. Sure, my costume for the parade this year was booty shorts and hot pink Kanye’s, yet all it was for the thrill of being able to pull it off. I went as “the human canvas” with three of my greatest friends, and we danced, interacted with the crowd, and gradually became more covered in color. I was in over 1,000 pictures of people who saw us as an attraction AND became part of a music video for a beautiful, young, up and rising star. Sure, it was freezing cold, but it was worth it. I got to bond with three amazing kids, and the steam shower and cake afterwards didn’t hurt either. When all was done and over with, I went back to my school and returned to the life of an engineering student. I guess you could say that this whole Halsted shindig is part of a mysterious second side of me, but it really isn’t. I truly am both, and at times it becomes difficult. Regularly, the two don’t mix well. People from both sides give me shit about the other, and frankly, I really don’t care, because in the end, I’m happiest when I act myself. I go out, have fun, be responsible, and sometimes solitary, and in the end I wrap it up by joyfully crying on the shoulder of my best friend because I’m so glad he exists and is himself. Moral of today: be yourself and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks or says.

Fri. October 29, 2010

Being Crazy

It's interesting, when one does something crazy and out of the ordinary, to see how people react. Sometimes, like today, the reaction is inspiration (or at least had some intentions to be). Today, partly in spirit in Halloween and partly as advertisement, I wore my Lady GaGa costume around the college campus for a period of time, where of course, I received the strangest of looks. Most people would be terrified to put themselves out there like that, and I have no idea why. However, not once did I receive a negative comment, actually quite the opposite. I believe people respect the audacity of the act, and are actually inspired by it. As the day continued, more and more bizarre happenings commenced as people got more and more inspired to do so. So, today I ask for you to go out and do something that inspires someone else to follow you. Be a leader, do something good/fun/exciting and help to improve the planet we live on.
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Thu. October 28, 2010

In Preparation for Halloween

Halloween is Sunday, which makes this Sunday my favorite day of 2010. I still make a goal every year to go trick or treating. I love making my costume each year and going out Halloween night and just being ridiculous. This year, however, I’ve been invited to work the GoPride Network booth at the annual parade in Boystown. I, along with three of my good friends (gay friends of course), will be helping run this booth as well as interacting with the crowd. To say the least, I’m very excited. I’m very new to this whole “Boystown” ordeal, but I’m getting lots of guidance and feel very welcome in such a hospitable region of Chicago. I’ve been introduced to various figures within the community, and quite enjoy their presence. In preparation for the Halloween season, I have been in costume production mode. The day preceding Halloween, our GSA (GLAM Club) is throwing a Lady GaGa dance party and costume contest, and obviously, I’ve been working very adamantly on my costume, making it complete with shoulder pads and spikes all clad in the most shiny of materials i could find, accordance the Our Lady. Completely impractical, yet completely fabulous (i think this term is fitting), my Lady GaGa costume as well as my Halloween Day costume have been a month long project. I absolutely love Halloween, and I can’t wait till Sunday! Ta ta, and I’ll keep updates on how everything turns out!

Wed. October 27, 2010

First Post, new to Blogging, YAY!

Hello everyone reading this!!! My name is Timothy Elliot and I'm a first year Chicagoan from a small town farming suburb. I go to the Illinois Institute of Technology for Architectural Engineering; I love it. Me in a nutshell? My life is based on Dance and the Flute, and have been told that the only way to truly get to know me is through these two mediums of expression. I'm a classy fella' that always marches to the beat of my own drum and am never afraid to express who I am: a real boy. Keep tuned as I commence my wonderful adventure of Blogging, and who knows what will pop up in the exciting and random life of Timothy Elliot. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!!!
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