Tue. March 10, 2009

Gigi Comes Over for a Visit

Our friend Gigi Deluxe comes over to tape a podcast and brings over Red Velvet Cupcakes and stickers! Whooo.

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Tue. March 10, 2009

How Are You Healthy?

LifeLube.org has launched a social marketing campaign directed to Chicago gay men called “How are you healthy?”

They are interested in hearing about the many ways gay men in Chicago keep themselves healthy. Maybe it’s all about eating grains and taking vitamins. Or meditating every day. Or riding your bike instead of driving. Or getting tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. Or having a glass of red wine with dinner. Or using substances in moderation. Or kicking the cigarette habit. You see where they are going… Each of us does all kinds of things to keep ourselves going – it’s called the survival instinct!

LifeLube would like to share these tips and activities on the blog. They are looking to hear from guys from all backgrounds, HIV+ and HIV-, all ages, all races, from every corner.

All they ask is that you send them your picture, and a short paragraph about one way in which you keep yourself healthy. They will run the your picture, your name, and your paragraph on the blog.

You can send that info to lifelube@gmail.com. Read “How are you healthy?” blog posts here.

And please SAVE THE DATE for our next gay men’s health forum – scheduled for Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at the Center on Halsted. It will deal with intergenerational issues – more info to come on the LifeLube blog. Stay tuned. And thanks!
Tue. March 10, 2009

Gigi's New Bouncy Clothes


Gigi Delxue on the Feast of Fools podcast Gigi Delxue models her rubber skirt Gigi Deluxe is now video blogging
Marc and Gigi Gigi and Fausto Gigi Delxue's Stickers Gigi in the living room Gigi's Chiditarod Team Gigi's Makeup

Boing boing! Gigi Deluxe, Chicago's glamor-puss is here to talk about her new collaboration with House of Bias, a fashion forward clothing line specializing in clothes made out of rubber latex.

Think it's too kinky for you? The clothing line hopes to mainstream latex-wear for everyone, touting the form-flattering benefits of the rubbery garments.

What's it like to make and wear clothes made out of rubber, and where do you go to get them dry cleaned?

Listen as Gigi talks about starting her new video blog, her fan page on Facebook, fighting the bills from botched plastic surgery with the help of your credit card company and pulling a grocery cart filled with canned goods for charity in the Chiditarod race.

Dr. Manhattan shows a lot of his cock in the movieWho's watching the Watchmen? Everyone. The film adaptation of the popular graphic novel so far has scored this year's biggest box office opening knocking Madea Goes to Jail from the Top Spot.

Watchmen has more uncut cock than my favorite eastern European porn video. Is it the acting or Dr. Manhattan's eye popping nudity that has audiences entranced over his CGI muscular manhood.

The Watchmen Condom- will it make your rod big and blue?

We got to hang out with Coco Peru this weekend at TPAN's Chicago Takes Off. As guests of Steamworks, we had a blast watching all the sexy guys and gals shimmy and shake. As Coco said, "we were all perverts" and boy did it feel good.

Octomom's publicist quits because she says she's nuts. Now she notices? Where has she been?

DNA radio- a website dedicated to creating an audio visual representation of the human genome has launched an audio stream of all 3 billion sequences that make up human DNA, but can you dance to it?

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Mon. March 9, 2009

All Jacked Up Over Java


Blogger Mike Doyle on the Feast of Fools podcastCoffee! Oooh does it get people's panties in a bunch! Everyone has strong opinions about where you get it, how much it costs and it's ramifications for society at large.

Beer, another popular beverage for adults, hardly creates the same kind of political passion as the java juice does.

Why don't we ask if the hops is "free trade" or not? Are we too drunk to care or does the caffeine jack us up?

On today's show were talking to writer Mike Doyle, an ex-New Yorker who now calls Chicago home.

Latte art nobody likesHis muckracking blog Chicago Carless stirs up trouble on the local scene, and last month he sparked a flame war when he wrote about the rising cost of a cup of coffee for Gaper's Block.

Mike shares with us the not-so-behind-the-scenes coffee drama involving Intelligentsia, his once favorite coffee shop, and Chicagoist, local group blog that he feels attacked him for his views.

Mike gives us insight into surviving a flame war, employees who engage in the flame war, what it takes for some people to fall in love and why gay men collect dates the way some kids collect marbles.

Also, President Obama is asking not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to save the economy, health care and the environment.

Can we fix all our nations problems at the same time? Yes we can.

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Fri. March 6, 2009

McNuggets 911


Michael Lehet Tulips in Amsterdam Amsterdam

Spring is just around the corner and in Chicago we've having unseasonably warm weather, so celebrate, because we're usually still freezing our butts off this time of year!

Our blogging friend Michael Lehet is soon headed to Amsterdam - a city where pot is legal, prostitution is regulated and girl on girl sex shows titillate audiences.

Rachel Maddow on the View RuPaul on the View

Girl-on-girl? Well, lesbian news host, Rachel Maddow was on The View yesterday and the ladies fawned over her so much you thought they were making up for how they treated Rosie.

Has The View gone gay? Supermodel To The World, RuPaul plopped on the couch earlier this week to promote RuPaul's Drag Race and suggested some women's husbands are slipping on their panties while their wives are away at work.

Everyone's abuzz about the Florida woman who called 911 three times after the McDonald's employees took her money but wouldn't give her the McNuggets she ordered or her money back.

In this economy, we'd call the police too. She was robbed!

A new study reveals that over 60% of British people lie about the books they've read because they want to impress people. I lie because I want people to not pester me at a cocktail party about the one book they have read in their entire life - Running with Scissors: A Memoir. It's just easier to lie.

Ugly the World's Ugliest Cat Is Ugly the cat, the world's ugliest pet? It's really hard to decide which is uglier, the cat or the dog. I think it all depends on whether you are a dog or cat person.

Xiao Nan, the intersexed Chinese athlete gives up the medals he won as a girl to become the man he wants to be. Her dream is to have genital reassignment surgery and then go swimming in nothing but boxer shorts.

Acea Schomaker has a hot pussy he likes to cool in his box. "Dude, the cat liked being in the bong!" exclaims Acea Schomaker as to why he put his hot pussy in a box.

Killer Hugging Robots just can't get enough love or so the hoax would have you to believe. In other robot news though, Japan is developing a teacher robot that will assign tasks and take roll call.

Join us Saturday for "Chicago Takes Off" TPAN's annual burlesque revue-style show where talented male and female dancers strut their stuff in support of TPAN.
The event raises money for charity and features the hilarious Miss Coco Peru!

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