Sun. May 25, 2008

Because of H.I.V.

Because of H.I.V.

For the information I know now.
Makes me think I am walking into a cloud.
I am sick all Because of this HIV.
I really don’t feel like me.
Is this some kind of punishment?
My life now has a real big dent.
I just wish this would go away.
I am thinking about this each and everyday.
On my knees I pray to you.
All of this is just too cruel.
It really seams brutal.
It’s hard to go though life anyways.
I want to live out the rest of my days.
Some times my mind gets crazed.
Sometimes I think I’m losing my ways.

I can’t let the HIV get its way.
The HIV is in my body and under my skin.
No HIV you wont win.
Lower your self-bow to me.
Don’t you see I am still I?
My life just begins.
Prayers I seek while they blowing in the wind.
In the collective above berried in the past.
Knowing my lord has no fake masked.
Stopping all the evil forces that do me harm.
Laughing out loud because I need no charm.
My lord will always win.
The lord will always in the end.

By Nebiyou Howard May
A.K.A. Hard Roc
Date: June 17, 2006
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