Mon. July 7, 2008

Well I had my first period

Well not really, my baby Shakie did.
It’s July 7,2008
I woke up covered in blood.
At first I thought it was I, my bed was soaked and my comforter was too.
But it was weird for only one side of the bed was covered.
I only sleep on the right side and Shakie sleeps on the left.
I was so damn scared I called my PCA (Mark.)
He came over right away.
Mark did something to check to see if it was human or animal.
It was animal, damn Shakie…
She is still only one year old and already having her period.
She’s a grown woman now.
I tell you what she better not get pregnant before I am able to get her spayed.
Humph, if I can’t get any dick, she can’t either, LOL.

I was proud of her but not it getting irritating.
Blood droplets everywhere, her having an attitude, not eating, damn just like a real woman’s PMS, LOL
And now she has a cold, what a fucking mess…
I really need to take her in to the vet and really see what’s going on…
Sat. July 5, 2008

Shakie Marie is Missing 2

Well my mind was so distraught that I was not thinking right.
Shakie is my pride and joy, one reason why I get up in the morning.
I love her so she just doesn’t know how much, but I think the feeling is mutual.
I call the police to make a missing persons report.
They said that they caught her (inside) the hospital I live by (Ingalls)
That’s the hospital we walk by on our walks to the park.
The hospital said they called the authorities. The authorities meaning (THE ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE)
I was happy she was safe, but sad she was not with me.
I called every day because my mom told me that some Animal Welfares put most of there animals to sleep to make more room for others to come in, and believe me that was not going to happen if I could stop it.
I talked to them today July 5, 2008 and they said they would be closed at 7:30pm.
They told me I would have to pay to get her out and it’s like forty dollars a day for IMPOUND, plus I never got a chance to get all her shots.
They said it was against the law to release an animal without their shots.
We were on the clock for we were nowhere near our destination and it was like 7:10pm.
My PCA (Personal Care Assistant) finally came though and took me to the Animal Welfare League
When we got there we could not get in, the doors were locked, it was a real tragedy, I was sad.
My PCA (Mark) walked around the back and luckily someone saw us and listened to our story.
After much talking they eventually let us in.
They said they could not release Shakie until she got her shots.
It seemed like they did not believe me about Shakie so we went to the back to she if she was there.
Shakie was in the first cage we came to.
She was so happy to she me she jumped and wagged her tail and then they knew.
After much more conversation we convinced them to let her go. (On prepaid advance) of course.
They did put a (FRIENDCHIP) in her today though
The whole expenses came to 170$ not bad for all her shots, the chip, and the impound charges.
So now she’s back home with daddy and we are both happy
I still have to take her back on Monday July 7, 2008 for her shots.

Thank god she back with me…
Wed. July 2, 2008

Shakie Marie is Missing

Well on July 2, 2008 I took my dog (Shakie Marie) outside in the backyard to do her thing and I believed she got scared for she ran back inside.
I think it’s because of the fireworks.
Most dogs are scared of loud noises.
I literally had to drag her out the house.
I would have not been so adamant about it, just the fact all day that day every time I took her out she never not once use it.
It got so bad that she was snapping at me to get back in the house.
So I dragged her back out again, she cut past me this time and use the bathroom in the house, which I was pretty upset about.
This went on about three to four times with her being (dragged outside, her running past me and using the bathroom in the house.
Finally I got my stick and she knew what time it was, she went outside and I decided to close the door on her to keep her outside.
I waited a good longtime just to be sure she did her business, but I guess I waited too long for she was just gone when I went to get her.
She only vanish once before but I found her on the next block.
This time she was nowhere to be found.
I was terrified, confused, angry, and upset.
Shakie is very, very much so domesticated animal and she never leaves my side.
I looked everywhere for her and then it started to rain but I did not care, I wanted my baby back…
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Tue. July 1, 2008

An update to now:

An update to now:

Friend or FuckBuddy3

Well first of all on June 21, 2008 Andrew called, the thing was I thought he was calling from Atlanta, Georgia but he wasn’t. Surprisingly he was calling from the payphone down the street; what’s more he had a little dog with him. He said he was in the area, but that was a likely story for it was like 12:30 am…(a booty call) right … LOL???? He did what he usually does and cleaned y house then he got naked and I practically raped him LOL (ah, I needed that nut too.) after that we talked a while, while the two dogs played.
It was kind of weird though for when I woke up him and his dog was gone. (I almost felt used)
Later that day I called his mother and he phone was turned off, well not really turned off but the number was changed. So I called the new number, mother kept saying he was not staying there; he was staying with his aunt. So obviously he just wanted a good fuck and the he went incognito again. But knowing him all these years I try not to expect much but at times I do and let myself fall for his mind games.

An update to now:

Pride Parade:

On the last Sunday in June is the Pride Parade (June 29, 2008)

It seems like every year I am stuck at home to watch bits and pieces of this glorious parade on channel7 news. It’s a damn shame. I have a lot of excuses why I don’t go, whether it’s not having a date, no transportation, people saying we are going to carpool. It’s very, very irritating for I really don’t do the gay scene and this is my only way of showing love to the (whole) GLBT community. (And yes I am out too.)
I just think I am more masculine then most.

An update to now: My baby Shakie Marie

On June 30, 2008 my baby girl Shakie (dog) hurt herself kind of bad. She cut her self on the bottom of her soul of her left paw. I don’t really know if she’s in real pain or not but she seems fine. I washed it, put peroxide and bandaged it up. She still is frocking around so I am just going to keep and eye on her.
She’s only 1 year of age. She will be 2 on September 10, 2008. She’s a German-Shepard mix (German Shepard, Husky, rot-wiener.) she’s getting into those terrible two’s LOL. But I am worried for she keeps taking the badge off…
Fri. June 20, 2008

Soul Robber

Soul Robber:

You left me to rot in this grave you dug.
When people came around I swept everything you did under the rug.
Hiding everything you did was such a big task.
All you did was put everything on blast.
You hurt me mentally and physically and I was tired.
All I wanted to say, “ You are fired “
Sweat, tears, and blood I wasted
I just wanted to know what love tasted.
I was twisted like braided hair.
You were the tornado who threw me here and there.
All I wanted was for you to care.
Why couldn't you just steal my heart and not my soul


By: Nebiyou Howard May
A.K.A. Hard Roc
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