Mon. October 20, 2008

Dog training desired

I need help.

I feel like a bad parent

I hit my baby Shakie (dog).
And this is not the first time, so now I am asking for help or advance from any and everyone who has a dog or just might have a good idea to help.

I love my baby so much, she’s all I have and I want to keep her

I think some of the things she does is out of jealousy and defiance of others.

She just made two October 10, 2008
The terrible twos I think… plus her breed is a hyper one too… German Shepard/husky/rottener

Please help me with Shakie Marie.
Wed. October 15, 2008

Juicing to my Health

Well as most know I been wanted to buy a juicer for a long, long time.

Well it happened now I am juicing my way to a better health.
I have to say I kneed to get the mixtures right, but want I made so far is tasty… yum, yum.

Even though organic fruits & vegetables cost more it worth it believe me.
Sun. August 31, 2008

red-blooded African-American

I am sorry I have not wrote in a while and to all my fans I am sorry

So any ways let me catch you up on things now…

Basically the last week in July 21st 31st to the was a bust, nothing too much happen

But oh baby oh, the first of august was hell,
I think I should give you a backdrop of what happen then I’ll bring you to the forefront.

Ok, back in December of last year, I was having pain from my backside (my ass) if you want to get technical about it, LOL.
It was just bleeding at first, but then I was having blood droplets in the back of my pants.
I just thought I was pushing too hard when using the bathroom, I mean I am normally constipated anyway.

Lol I know this may be nasty or too personal or TMI for most so don’t read anymore if this is a touchy subject for you, LOL it was too touchy even for me, (literally.)

Anyways, every time I wiped my behind, it’s a mix between shit and blood.
Now at this particularly point right now I am the normal red-blooded African-American, you know, (not wanting to get checked out by a doctor,) knowing all along it’s a important thing to do when you bleeding from the ass, LOL

I guess I was up in a up roar about the GAY issue, even though I am gay, I am all100% TOP, that should not that not matter, so I thought…

Anyway … time went on and it gotten worse and worse.
I was bleeding in streams even when not using the bathroom... it was horrendous sight to behold.
Because I have a stubborn streak, My PA mark finally took me too the hospital…

I was in there for two weeks almost before they even knew anything.
I remember it was a Thursday afternoon and I was fed up with bed rest, (That stubborn streak again) I decided to rip the IV out my arm and go home…
And that what the fuck I did…LOL
When I hit the emergency room doors someone grab me and said, “My surgery would be on Saturday morning” I laughed and said, “ I will be back Saturday morning then” and walked away.
I did comeback Saturday and got the surgery.
The surgery was successful.
It was not because I was being fucked or hemorrhoids, I had polups
If you don’t know what that is, it like a bacteria infection, like trickmonis,
Or motherfucker go look that shit up… LOL

Now back to august 1st
Same damn shit was happing, but this time when I went to the hospital motherfucker’s kept looking in my ass like I was some type of specimen or something

Don’t you hate when doctor’s and nurse’s do that shit and then start to whisper among them???? LOL
Shit tell me what happening…

I thought it was worse then last time for no on would tell me nothing, they just gave me (that look)
Damn this was like a fucking soap opera; they give you that look the go to fucking commercial.

I guess it was worse then last time for, last time it was small-scattered pollups and this time it was one big humongous walnut size one.

I just don’t know how someone, man, woman or human can walk around with a sac like that in their ass and don’t feel that motherfucker’s
I mean come-on mean think a small piece of shit like a Hershey kiss size will hurt…
LOL they having a fucking baby right????

Anyway they said I was having complications of the last surgery and need colon-octopi.

(A camera they stick in your ass to see your colon)

Yeah laugh if you want but most men should get one especially if they are in the older crowd.
To bad it took this for it to happen but it did.

FYI: anything that foreran to the body that’s not food is called (SURGERY)

August 1st I went in, that was a Friday,
Saturday the 2nd I had my colon-octopi
Monday the 4th I had my first surgery then Friday the 8th I had my second surgery
The 10th Sunday I went home still bleeding but healing up.

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Sun. July 20, 2008

All vaccinated up

On July 18, 2008 I took Shakie Marie back to the doctor to get the last of her vaccinations and her rabies shot.
It took a longtime coming but she got them.

I was worried even still for when she was in the pound she caught a very, very bad cold and cough.
What’s worst her nose was leaking an awful discharge and she was not eating, not to mention she was still on her monthly.

Talk about being that time of the month…

But I have to say; I was very impress with their attitude, service and overall demeanor.
They were very professional and understanding, knowing this was my first dog that I have completely took care of in everyway, shape and form.
don’t get me wrong I have had other dogs but Shakie , I had her since she was born.
I love her so much…

It’s kind of funny how I kept saying I did not want a dog but, she’s my life now, that spoil bitch…
Tue. July 15, 2008

New personality

It seems like Shakie cold won't let up and I know it must be worst also have her menstrual cycle going on.
I wish it were more I could do then just watch her.
I am trying to wait it out, her menstrual cycle that is.
But the thing is she is hacking, coughing, and sneezing.
She has not been herself since she has been back form the dog pound.
I believe she caught something there and she has a sore on her upper part of her nose.
She’s not even the same Shakie.
I know the whole ordeal must have been traumatic for her.
She used to be more vibrate, upbeat, and more talkative, now she’s quite and just kind of just lazy like she just gave up on life, plus she just wont eat.
I am so worried

I am just going to keep my eye on her and see what happens…
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