Sat. January 19, 2008

Ronnie's Crush on Ben Revealed

Week two of "Make Me a Supermodel" started out with makeovers and on this week's episode Ronnie revealed his crush on his roommate Ben from Nashville.

"My crush on Ben is no longer a secret and he and I are becoming closer friends every day," Ronnie writes in his show diary on

And it seems the straight and married Ben is playing along with Ronnie's crush. "I guess it's good [that] a gay guy said I'm cute," Ben said. "That's a compliment, right? They're picky."

Besides his man-crush, Ronnie had a good week.

As part of the photo shoot, Ronnie was suspended in mid-air and says his fear of heights was "challenged successfully." Photographer Sarah Silver said Ronnie "set the tone."

Sarah was eliminated at the top of the show.

Katie, Dominic and Ben are up for elimination next week.

"I hope America sees that [potential to be a Supermodel] in Ben as they vote this week as well," writes Ronnie.

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