Sat. February 16, 2008

Episode 6: Versatility

Last week on Make Me A Supermodel our hometown favorite Ronnie Kroell was up for the vote by the judges. Ronnie was joined by Katy Caswell and Frankie Godoy. This is Katy's fourth time being in the bottom three.

At the beginning of this week's show, the models hear America's verdict -- thankfully Ronnie and Frankie are safe! Katy is heading home and the judges agree with the vote.

The models head to the Bleeker Street Theater for this week's photo shoot. They are divided into groups of three. Ronnie is teamed with Holly Kiser and Frankie.

After the shoot, the photographer chooses Perry, Shannon and Holly as his top three.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the girls go shopping for decorations, while the boys go to Whole Foods and cook the dinner.

In the runway challenge, Ronnie decides to be paired with his man-crush Ben. Last week's winner Ben has immunity and steps up to help Ronnie. Ben and Ronnie decide to be glam rockstars. On the runway Ronnie leapfrogs over Ben which doesn't settle well with Cory Bautista. The judges later challenge Ben and accuse him of sabotaging Ronnie's performance. The accusations surprised both Ronnie and Ben and seemed to be designed to stir up trouble with the bromance.

"We worked very hard on our routine and tried to take big risks, but apparently it backfired on us because panel was not amused," Ronnie writes about the catwalk performance in his blog on "In fact they tried calling Ben out for potentially sabotaging my performance because he had immunity, but I know for a fact that this is not the case. He and I have made an agreement to work as a team and our word and handshake is stronger than any force in or outside of this house, that may wish to see that bond break. Period."

"The panel asked if I tried to sabotage Ronnie, which I would never do to a friend," writes Ben on his blog.

Ronnie is again in the bottom four this week! He continues to receive criticism from photographers and designers that his look is too wholesome and all-American.

"I find myself in the bottom three again this week not because I didn’t give it my best effort, but because of my ‘All American Look’. I must admit it is frustrating to hear panel say that without offering suggestions on how to change," writes Ronnie.

Stephanie, Frankie and Ronnie are up for vote. Holly, Shannon and Perry are in the top three.

In a week of "Versatility" Ronnie should have come out on top. Let's hope America votes for Ronnie!

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I really hope people vote for Ronnie!
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Fri. February 8, 2008

Episode 5: Fashion Week

WHAT THE HELL... at the end of Episode 5 we learn our hometown favorite Ronnie Kroell lands in the bottom three!

At the beginning of Episode 5, Jay McGee, Katy Caswell and Casey Skinner were put up for a vote. This is both Jay's and Katy's third time in the bottom three. Jay is booted from the show.

The models' assignment this week is New York Fashion Week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ronnie and Ben DiChiara's. How cute that Ronnie and his BFF are also birthday buddies!

"We had an amazing time celebrating Ben’s and I’s Birthday, at the Blue Fin!!! We had an incredible dinner, a lot of laughs, and a wild party," Ronnie writes in his BravoTV blog. "Being that our work schedule has been so hectic it was nice to sit down and enjoy each other’s company."

Ronnie and Ben continue to share moments.

"My crush aside, Ben is someone I admire and respect, and trust to be one of my closet friends for life," writes Ronnie.

The models go through intensive runway training from Cory and Debbie Deitering. Ronnie struggles a bit on runway. Ben helps coax Ronnie down the runway.

The boys get to walk in the R. Scott French show in Bryant Park. Scott French thinks Perry, Ben and Casey are the best and that Ronnie is too wholesome.

The models return to Studio X for an intensive workout. The trainer targets Ronnie for developing love handles. OK?!?!

The top three models this week are Holly, Ben and Casey. Ronnie, Katy and Frankie are up for the vote.

"I was so happy to win fashion week but then I found out Ronnie got in the bottom three," Ben writes in his BravoTV blog.

Ronnie has been so focused, but this week he did seem to lose focus. Let's hope he isn't letting his man-crush on Ben get in the way. Come on Ronnie focus!

"I only hope that America sees that my ambition is strong, my potential great, and that I deserve another chance to prove that this was simply an off week and nothing more," writes Ronnie.

Let's hope America does see Ronnie's potential. GOOD LUCK RONNIE!!!

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Fri. February 1, 2008

Episode 4: Naked Art

Week 4 of Make Me A Supermodel found Holly Kiser, Aryn Livingston and Jay McGee in the bottom three.

As the models faced elimination, Ronnie Kroell and Ben DiChiara hope that Aryn will return, but the boys don't get their wish. At panel, Aryn learns her time on Supermodel is over.

"This week began with a cold and sad moment for me, Aryn was voted off. Aryn became like the little sister I never had and her elimination really got to me, but I was forced to shake it off or else it would have negatively affected my performance," Ronnie writes in his blog.

With Aryn off the show, Ben tells Ronnie that all they have is each other. The bromance continues!

The model wannabes head to Parsons where each model poses for the art class - NUDE. Each model posses for 10 minutes.

Katy Caswell goes first. Holly, who was almost ejected from the show this week, was having a panic attack because not even her fiance has seen her completely naked. Ronnie - even naked - is so professional. According to the art teacher, Stephanie Bulger and Perry Ullmann are the best, and Jay and Casey Skinner the worst.

This week's photo shoot was with photographer Russ Flatt. They are divided into groups - boys and girls. Each group gets to choose one member of the opposite sex with the boys choosing Shannon Pallay, and the girls selecting Perry.

They get dressed up like mid-century Brits at an old country manor.
During the boys' shoot, Russ wants to re-shoot the picture without Casey and Jay.

The next assignment: Living Art. Mary Schook will paint everyone from head to toe in body paint.

This week's catwalk assignment is all about carrying themselves as sculptures. The models wear the best outrageous punk outfits from British designers.

The judges bring out the top three models and the bottom four models. Shannon, Holly and Stephanie are commended for doing well.

Katy, Jay and Casey are up for the vote.

During the show, Ronnie's man-crush and BFF Ben shares that his wife has lost 15 pounds due to the stress. The show must be difficult on all of the participants.

This week in his blog on, Ronnie gives a few shout-outs to his friends and family back home -- including's Bill (Mayor of Boystown) Pritchard.

All of Boystown is watching and talking about Ronnie -- GOOD LUCK!

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Sun. January 27, 2008

Ronnie becomes superstar

Competing on Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, Chicago's Ronnie Kroell has become a superstar and Internet favorite.

Check out this video making rounds on blogs chatting about Ronnie. It's a commercial for Ragstock from several years ago featuring a much younger Ronnie Kroell.

Watch Ronnie compete in Make Me a Supermodel Thursdays at 9 p.m. (Central) on Bravo.
Fri. January 25, 2008

Episode 3: Sexual Chemistry

Last week on Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel, Katy, Dominic and Ben were on the bottom three with their fates to be determined by public vote.

Fortunately, Ronnie's man-crush Ben is safe. Dominic was voted off. He blamed it on the bad coaching he got for his runway walk.

It was cute when Ronnie asked Ben if he needs him to hold his hand during eliminations.

As this week's episode continued, Ronnie got his flirt on with married and straight Ben. It does seem Ben is flirting back, right -- but Ronnie isn't playing! I wonder what Ben's wife is thinking back in Nashville. :-)

Even Tyson has inquired about Ronnie and Ben's "bromance."

This week's photo shoot theme was sexual chemistry and Ronnie was paired with Shannon. Yes, Ronnie kissed a girl... it was not only believable but it was HOT. Great job Ronnie!

"It has taken me a long time to become comfortable in my own skin and to understand my sexual orientation, but this week challenged me not to live within labels – those I place on myself or those that others choose to place on me," writes Ronnie in his Bravo TV blog.

Ronnie's BFF Ben was paired with Katy. They were hot together. And let's not forget the homoerotic coupling of Perry and Casey. WOW!

Later the models meet with their personal trainer, Clay Burwell, and he puts them through an intense workout.

"I am sore in a good way from working out with Clay and I am definitely noticing the changes in my body."

Back at the loft, the model wannabes were all given one phone call. Ben called his wife back in Tennessee.

Ben: "Ronnie and I are good friends"
Ben's Wife: "Yeah I know..."
Ben: "Not gay friends, good friends!"

Later Ronnie asked how he feels about talking to his wife after his steamy photo shoot with Katy. Ronnie called his mom - cute!

"My mom has been my rock and simply talking with her for a few minutes was calming and strengthened my confidence," writes Ronnie.

Without a doubt it was a sexy week including the hot catwalk.

Ronnie received high marks from Niki.

Jay, Aryn and Holly face elimination next week.

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