Sat. March 1, 2008

Ronnie confronts Ben

Watch as Ronnie confronts Ben for using the word "gay" to demean others during Make Me A Supermodel's last episode.

For those who know Ronnie and his love of people, this positive conversation is no surprise. Great job Ronnie helping Ben see that even without malice, words have meaning and can be offensive to others! KEEP BRIDGING DIVERSITY!

Fri. February 29, 2008

Episode 8: Speed and Motion

It's week 8 on Make Me A Supermodel and the show is down to 8 models. Last week Ben DiChiara, Jacki Hydock and Perry Ullmann were up for the vote.

As the models wake on elimination day, our hometown favorite Ronnie -- who often seems distracted by his mancrush Ben -- offers to give Ben a kiss to ease his nerves. The viewers are never sure if such a kiss happened, we'll have to ask Ronnie later.

It's time for America's decision, Ben and Perry are safe. Jacki gets the boot and is heading home.

The next morning, the seven remaining model wannabes head to the Windham Mountain Ski Resort, where they will be expected to show speed and motion in the photo shoot. They learn the model who performs the worse will be sent back immediately to NYC instead of enjoying a fun weekend. As Niki Taylor finishes the explanation, Shannon falls to her knees - sick and dehydrated. A paramedic rushes over.

Our hometown favorite Ronnie is paired with Perry who has a hard time with his skis. They do finally get a great shot.

Ben is teamed with Holly on a toboggan as they slide down the hill.

Shannon returns and joins Frankie Godoy and Casey Skinner. Their shoot is the most difficult one.

The photographer selects Frankie as the one who must head back to NYC.

The next morning, the models - minus Frankie - are awoken by their trainer Clay. The models get into teams and compete in various challenges with the losing team destined to clean their house with toothbrushes. Ronnie is teamed with Perry and Casey. Ben starts calling the other boys "gay" for building a giant phallic symbol out of snow. Casey and Ronnie take the comments very hard. Ronnie feels betrayed by Ben's seemingly homophobic remarks. When they return to NYC, Ronnie and Casey speak to Ben. Ronnie shares about his hardships as a gay man. Ben says he didn't mean anything by the comments and they all make up.

"I must say Ben’s inability to control his anger this week was disappointing," Ronnie writes in his BravoTV blog. "Ben is my boy and he was the last person I would have expected to behave in the way he did towards Casey and me. Just because someone is gay does not mean that they are a girl or any less of a man than a straight man."

Shannon remains sick and has to go to the hospital. The models learn they must strike three poses while standing on a spinning turntable. Shannon returns to participate in the runway show, but goes back to the hospital afterwards.

Ronnie does an incredible job! Casey only manages two poses as he struggles with the turntable. The judges are impressed that Shannon stuck it out despite being ill.

This week, Perry and Ronnie are safe and Holly is the winner. Frankie, Casey and for the second week in a row Ben are all up for vote. Shannon is safe.

It's going to be a tough vote -- the first time three men have been in the bottom three -- Ronnie's mancrush Ben might actually be going home!

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Sat. February 23, 2008

Episode 7: Into the Wild

Last week Stephanie Bulger, Frankie Godoy and hometown boy Ronnie Kroell were put up for the vote.

On the day of elimination, Ben DiChiara wakes Ronnie to give his brofriend a lucky blue pendant. It works as Ronnie is safe!

The model-wannabes are beginning to develop solid friendships and cliques. Casey Skinner and Perry Ullmann wanted Ronnie to get the boot. They were pulling for Frankie. Frankie was also safe and it was Stephanie who got the bad news.

The models all get their hair trimmed. Except Frankie who gets it all chopped off!

As the models sit around the house they discuss their fears. Ronnie's is George Bush. Perry fears bugs and spiders, Holly confesses to a fear of "butt cracks." Casey fears giant snakes, and the Frankie agrees. That was a nice set-up to their photoshoot this week.

The photoshoot is in a water tank filled with water. They have to pose underwater with Lemon, a gigantic snake!

Perry is apparently also afraid of snakes but manages. Frankie really impresses the photographer. Ronnie elicits a great "yes yes yes!" from the photographer. Ben struggles with not squinting his eyes.

The runway includes farm animals. Ronnie and his sheep, Ben carries a goat, Frankie has a white duck. Perry trades his stubborn pig for an even more troublesome goat. The judges were displeased with Perry's performance and cocky attitude.

Now it's time to meet the top models. After two weeks of being in the bottom 3, Ronnie is this week's winner! Ronnie, Casey and Frankie are in the top three. Ronnie's excitement is brought down a bit when guy pal Ben joins Perry and Jackie in the bottom three.
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Thu. February 21, 2008

Ronnie's Safe

Thanks to Ben's good luck charm, Chicago's hometown favorite Ronnie Kroell is safe on Make Me a Supermodel.

Alright, it probably wasn't the good luck charm -- that was cute of Ben to give it to Ronnie, right? -- but more so Ronnie's talent and the fact America loves their Ronnie!

A full show wrap-up coming soon.
Thu. February 21, 2008

Will Ronnie Be Voted Off? Show Preview!

Make Me a Supermodel returns tonight on Bravo and our hometown favorite Ronnie Kroell is up for elimination for the second week in a row.

Has Ronnie's man-crush on Ben distracted him from the grand prize? Ben is a hottie... but Ronnie let's focus!

While we wait to see if Ronnie is voted off tonight... check out this preview.

Some have mentioned seeing and hearing Ronnie in the preview. Let's hope their right!

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